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Constitution of the Executive Committee

North West Europe Archdeaconry Synod 9th October 2010
Motion proposed by the Archdeacon.

“That the archdeaconry Synod of North West Europe set up a permanent sub-committee of the synod to be known as –

The Executive Committee of the Anglican Church in the Netherlands

with terms of reference as set out in the constitution below, and authorises this committee to represent the Chaplaincies and congregations of the Netherlands in national and ecumenical relationships, and to gather professional expertise in legal, financial and taxation matters for the benefit of all the Chaplaincies and congregations in the Netherlands.

Synod also authorises this committee to raise funds from the chaplaincies in the Netherlands, and to expend such funds to cover the costs and expenses of carrying out its work.”


Executive Committee of the Anglican Church in the Nederlands


1. Aim and purpose of the Committee

The Committee exists to serve and to represent the chaplaincies of the Netherlands at national level.

In particular it aims to set up a central resource of expertise and information about legal, financial and taxation issues.

It also aims to ensure that the Church is represented on CIO (Interkerkelijk Contact in Overheidszaken) and on the Netherlands Council of Churches, and is represented at Ecumenical and State occasions. It also aims to share information, expertise and good practice with Chaplaincies and particularly with newly appointed clergy.

2. Membership of the Committee

Members of the committee shall be

  1. The Area Dean of the Netherlands (or if there is no Area Dean the Archdeacon), who will chair the committee.
  2. One clergy and one lay representative of the Netherlands members of the Archdeaconry Synod, elected by the Netherlands members of the Archdeaconry Synod at a meeting of the Archdeaconry Synod.
  3. Up to three co-opted members with legal, financial or taxation expertise
  4. The committee shall be able to invite other advisors to its meetings.
  5. The Archdeacon should be invited to all meetings and should receive all committee papers.

The Area Dean (or Archdeacon if there is no Area Dean) is an ex-officio member of the committee. All other members shall serve for a term of three years, with the possibility of being elected or co-opted for further terms of three years.

3. Procedures

  1. The committee shall elect a secretary and a treasurer from its membership.
  2. The committee shall meet at least twice a year. One meeting shall be an annual general meeting, which will be held in conjunction with the Archdeaconry Synod.
  3. At its annual general meeting the committee will report back to synod about what it has done over the year, and also present an audited account of its finances.
  4. The committee shall present an annual budget to its annual meeting, to be approval by the Netherlands members of Synod, authorising it to collect a subscription from each Chaplaincy to cover its costs and expenses.
  5. The annual general meeting will appoint a financial examiner for the following year.
  6. The committee shall make rules for the conduct of its business, using Synodical rules and standing orders as its model.
  7. The chairman shall have a casting vote in all decisions.
  8. The constitution may be changed by the annual general meeting of the committee, provided that two months notice of any proposed change is given to the Bishop, the Secretary of every Netherlands chaplaincy or congregation, and all members of the archdeaconry synod. Such changes may only come into effect if they receive both the Bishop’s and the archdeaconry Synod’s approval.
  9. The committee may be dissolved by a resolution of the archdeaconry synod but only with the approval of the Diocesan Bishop.
  10. Any dispute about the interpretation of this constitution shall be resolved by the archdeacon, or by the president and vice president of the archdeaconry synod.