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ANBI-status for Anglican Churches in Netherlands

Anglican Churches in the Netherlands have ANBI status1. Statutory name

Archdeaconry of North-West Europe (Executive Committee of the Anglican Church in the Netherlands) also known as the Anglicaanse Kerk in Nederland





3. Postal address

Van Hogendorpstraat 26, 3581 KE Utrecht

3a. Email address: info[at]anglican.nl


4. Description of purpose

The Archdeaconry is one of the Archdeaconries in the Diocese in Europe, part of the Church of England. It is the body into which the local Anglican churches are united. The Archdeaconry in this country does not possess any buildings or other assets, facilitating and co-ordinating the work of local churches. It is financed by them and through donations from within or outside the Church. The Archdeaconry may organise courses, festivals, meetings and suchlike. If necessary the Archdeaconry may have paid employees. At present there are no people on its pay-roll. It may compensate volunteer workers for their activities.


5. Outline of policy plan

The Archdeaconry facilitates the work of local churches by initiating and co-ordinating action where one or more churches are faced with problems. It also provides them with advice and other non-financial help. It helps and advises clergy and other local staff in the fields related to their work and their position as residents of this country, for instance pensions, insurances and immigration. It provides representation on ecumenical bodies. It may organise courses, festivals, meetings and other gatherings.

Policy Statement

THE ARCHDEACONRY OF NORTH WEST EUROPE is one of the Archdeaconries in the Diocese in Europe. In accordance with Netherlands law, it is registered in the Handelsregister (Company register) with the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) Midden Nederland. Insofar as it is geographically situated on Netherlands territory it is also registered under the name of Anglicaanse Kerk in Nederland.

The first and supreme duty of the worldwide Christian Church is to proclaim Jesus Christ as the embodiment of God’s love. From this duty follow a number of more detailed duties. Such duties comprise at least the following –

  1. The public worship of God, proclaiming his love in Word and Sacrament;
  2. assisting others to know and live in God’s love;
  3. doing such things that show God’s love, following the example and teachings of Jesus, both to members of the Church and to people who could not be so described;
  4. generally, to be an instrument of peace, reconciliation and good will in and for society, both locally and (inter)nationally;
  5. all other activities aiding or facilitating duties under 1-4.

These activities require an organisation, clergy and other ministers and lay workers, both paid and unpaid, buildings and appurtenances. Moreover, they require support, including financial support, of organisations and individuals working in those fields whose work is serving, wholly or in part, the above duties, and are not engaged in activities contrary to what the Church deems acceptable.

The Archdeaconry does not possess any buildings or other assets. Its chief functions are concerned with facilitating and co-ordinating the work of its constituent (local) Chaplaincies and Congregations. Its budget is supplied through a quota system by the said local units. It is possible for donations to be received from sources within or outside the Church. Except where moneys are received from within the direct provincial or diocesan church structures, the Archdeaconry has an absolute discretion to accept or reject such donations, as also in honouring any earmarking of donations.

The Archdeaconry, committed to its facilitating and co-ordinating tasks, may organise courses, festivals, meetings and other gatherings, however named, over and above the meetings of Synod which it is required to hold.

The Archdeaconry may have paid staff and other workers, and also may compensate volunteer workers for their activities to the maximum allowable annual amount.

The standard annual accounts of the Archdeaconry for the current year, form part of this statement.

Signed The Venerable John de Wit, Archdeacon.

Done in Utrecht this St Sigfrid’s Day, 15th February, 2011


6. Office holders

The Executive Committee at present has six members, to wit a Chair, Secretary (co-opted), Treasurer/Lay Representative, Clergy Representative and one additional co-opted member.


7. Salaries of office holders

No financial reward of any sort is paid relative to membership of the Executive Committee. Travelling and secretarial expenses are paid where due and claimed.


8. Activity report

Work is ongoing in the fields defined in the policy plan.


9. Statement of payments, disbursements and receipts


Budget 2017 Accounts 2017 Budget 2018
Funds 2017  €     4.000,00  €        3.499,00  €        4.200,00
Representation costs  €      1.915,00  €         1.973,00  €        1.975,00
Organisational costs  €      1.300,00  €         1.013,56  €           900,00
Communication/administration  €         410,00  €            246,63  €            330,00
Travel  €         600,00  €            515,93  €         1.440,00
Total expenses  €      4.225,00  €         3.749,12  €         4.645,00