Clergy who do not have Dutch nationality and who come to minister in the Netherlands are able to retain their existing pension arrangements, as long as their pension provider is happy to do so.

Clergy who have served in the Church of England in England are normally part of the Church of England Pension scheme and may retain their rights to continue to contribute to their existing pension. The Dutch tax authorities consider contributions to pre-existing non-Dutch pension plans as a tax-free benefit. Details of the Church of England Pension Scheme can be found here. 

Clergy who wish to start a pension in the Netherlands, for example, because they have never worked in England for the CofE, or because they are Dutch nationals, may not do so tax-free unless they join a local Dutch scheme. The Anglican Church in the Netherlands has a pension scheme available to clergy, pastoral workers and administrative staff who work for churches in the deanery. Details of the scheme with PensioenFonds Zorg en Welzijn can be found here. This pension fund is administered by the Executive Committee of the Anglican Church in the Netherlands.

Questions relating to pensions can be forwarded to the Executive Committee.